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 Gunung Padang or mount Padang is a giant pyramidal megalithic site lies on a hilltop. The site consists of 5 terraces that form a pyramid with an elevation of 885 meters above sea level on its base. Its peak has an elevation of about 989m. According to researches, Gunung Padang site is one of the oldest and the biggest pyramids in the world. The site has five terraces/layers. Each layer has each age. According to the radiocarbon dating test, the first layer could be up to approximately 3,500 upto 5,000 years old. Beta Analytic Laboratory Miami, Florida, USA tested the 5-12 m deep samples, and the result is the samples of the site dated between 14,500-25,000 BC. The deeper samples obtained, the older their ages. It seems, the ancient people build it layer by layer.

After first layer was constructed, the surface was manually buried beneath. Long years, even thousands years later, the process was repeated. They made new stone construction. Then buried it again beneath. the process was repeated until reached the current hilltop. How long they build the site and the reason to build it, are still mystery. According to that result, the site is much older than the Great Pyramid of Giza which built in 2,551 BC. It is an evidence of a shockingly advanced ancient civilization. It also pass the most recent glacial period, which reminding us to the sinking Atlantis, a fictional wealth island or continent told by Plato, an Athenian philosopher in Ancient Greece period.

Picked up from Jakarta in the morning at 7am (your hotel) -  than drive will take  2 hour to West Java (Gunung Padang Site)

Arrive at The Ancient Temple of Gunung Padang, explore around the place, return back to Jakarta, stop over for lunch


Price Included: : Picked up/drop off from and to Jakarta, Local guide, Lunch, Mineral water, soft drink and snacks, Permit entry, Local expert guide