Krakatau Trek Tour Destinations a local owned company set up by two man pioneering the introduction of ecotourism into a part of  West Java that to date has virtually no tourism. Inspired by the untapped potential of Banten  with a local NGO on a sustainable livelihoods programme. The future livelihoods of the local people were under threat as logging left the land devastated with poor soils and no forest to fend from. Krakatau was teeming with the potential of her people and their fascinating culture, with beautiful forests of diverse flora and fauna, including the iconic Krakatau, and his mighty sea providing access to these wonderful treasures.

Krakatau Trek works with the villagers to help them manage their own tourist businesses, for example as guides, renting canoes, fishing trips, collecting traditional medicines in the jungle, developing handicrafts and provide them with a tourists trade. In future, it is Krakatau Trek’s intention to channel 25% of the boats profits back to the community through a micro-credit scheme to stimulate further business development. Krakatau Trek  EcoTravel supports tourism in a region with only few jobs. At the same time our aim is to control visitor numbers and their behaviour in order to prevent negative impacts on social and ecological systems. With the tours operated by EcoTravel Carita Beach, we optimize your support for the environment and the well-being of animals in the Ujung Kulon National Park. Equally important is the support of local people in and around carita. So we also offer homestays with local families in addition to our sustainable adventure tours. On top of supporting your host by enjoying their home made food and accommodation, you also help their communities: 5% of the price of this tour goes to the village fund.

As the team of our tour operator are local, they are in constant touch with their communities and families. The English speaking guides are certified by the local ITGA-HPI (Indonesia Tourist Guides Association - Himpunan Pramuwisata Ind.) and have excellent knowledge of plants and animals living in the rainforest. We insist on two guides taking care of you while jungle-trekking. They will be constantly searching for wildlife and providing lots of information. Families with children will be supported by additional guides. For overnight treks we further provide porters, cooks and a guide team no matter if you are trekking as a couple or in a group. Meeting local people is the base of many other tours. Here your guide will act as interpreter and show you the Indonesian way of life in West Java. Being deeply rooted in this region our experienced team in Carita Beach will help you discover the rainforest and the Indonesian culture in a unique and innovative way. Krakatau Trek Destinations (KTD) aims to bring ecotourism to Banaten as a way of protecting the environment and creating alternative livelihoods. We intend to demonstrate that business can be a vehicle to support development problems by providing alternative livelihoods and demonstrating that there is a different value for the forest brought about by eco-tourism.  

KTD has created a market through offering enjoyable jungle cruises serving delicious food with excellent service, journeying into natural surroundings whilst educating our guests about the environment, local traditions and culture, and by engaging directly and supporting the community to develop their own ecotourism as guides, home stay hosts and handicraft producers. It is important to us that local people benefit from this enterprise, we have a policy to recruit and train our staff from the local community. We have a staff development and training plan to encourage career advancement. We ensure that our staff are well paid, receive performance bonuses and have health insurance. We have a policy of not buying our own canoes, speedboats, but hire these directly from the local community to ensure that they are gaining direct benefits from the tourists that we attract. We buy all our food for the trips locally and do not import food. Once we are profitable we aim to provide 20% of our profits for micro-credit enterprises